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Can I exchange an item?

Exchange & Returns

If the goods are not suitable or has a manufacturing defect — we will exchange it for any other or refund money.

Return/exchange of product available within 14 days after the order receipt.

Return/exchange of product is carried out:
(art. 9 of the Ukrainian Law " About the protection of consumer rights»)
  • if it is not in use;.
  • retains its' presrntation (no stains, hooks, creases and dents);
  • retains the integrity of labels, tags, labels, original packaging;

If you are visually evaluated the product and understand that it does not suitable you or feel discomfort in the process of fitting, please let us know and we will solve the problem together.

For clothes and top knitwear the exchange or refund is possible.
For lingerie, swimsuits and hosiery only exchange is possible.
For Wedding Dresses exchange/refund is not possible.

Exchange of lingerie, swimsuits, hosiery.

Exchange of corsetry, lingerie, swimsuits and hosiery is banned by Ukrainian legislation (see The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers), we understand the complexity of the good selection via the Internet, so we will exchange the unsuitable things without any problems. The following items accept only unopened, i.e. if you just change your mind without trying on the purchase of:
  • tights;
  • stockings;
  • socks;
  • stickers on breast;
  • silicone bra;
  • breast pads;.
  • corrective lingerie.

Lingerie and swimsuits we recommend to try on your own lingerie until you are not sure that the product is suitable. Only after those you have decided to leave it, you can take away the labels and tags.

Exchange/returns the clothes.

For the clothing and top knitwear, namely shirts, tops, T-shirts, jumpers, pants, leggings and clothing for sleep - the exchanged for any item in the store or refund is possible.

The procedure of refund/exchange
Exchange of googs in Kyiv produces by courier, or you come to our office by yourself.
Departure of the courier in Kyiv for exchange the goods — 15 UAH.

  1. Within 14 days after the order receipt, please, inform in the letter the reason of exchange/refund by e-mail:
  2. Carefully pack the item in the full complectation with tags and original packaging, which were upon the receipt of goods;
  3. If you want to receive the goods on exchange, arrange the new order on the site,
    pointing out in the comments: "ORDER tO EXCHANGE".
    If the order amount is more than the previous — we will invoice for co-payment.
    If it is less - the money will be credited to your personal account for the payment of following order.
  4. Come to our office with goods or wait for the courier with goods for exchange.

Attantion! The refund is carried out only in the office at the address: A. Verbitskiy str. 12, entrance №5, the last by the side of arrival, 4th floor, off. 196.

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