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About Store

Let's start with introduction, and maybe a friendship :)

The data of store basis - October 1, 2002. It was exactly on this day in Ukraine were appeared the first online store of lingerie. The range consisted the 136 products and its first order we were waited a long 15 days :).

In 2004, we opened the showroom, where our customers could come and try on the liked model.

Since 2008, start to send the orders trough Ukraine without prepayment cash on delivery.

In 2009 for the first time we participated in the fashion festival Kyiv Fashion Week 2009. Since then we are it's regular participants.

In 2010 for customers through Kyiv, we have introduced a service "Exit fitting-room". Now customers in Kyiv can order up to 7 units on the choice of trying on upon delivery.

Our product range today - are specially selected the high quality brands which were well established themselves and in the price of which has not laid charges for brand. Agree, that on the world market there is a lot of high quality products with attractive design at reasonable prices. To pay for a big name on the label - the right of all of us. We're focus not on the "names", but on the quality and interesting products for economically reasonable price by producers. 

What you can expect from our store? 

- Full confidence in the pleasure of the purchase. We are trying to work quickly and always to be on the client side.

Instant reaction Our director always in place and any question solves quickly and in your favor. 

Pleasant surprises, which we regularly tell in our mailing.

— Pleasure from the attentively selected range of at a fair prices

Moreover we just love our customers!
And very often they are reciprocate to us :)
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