This section presents a wide selection of products from the category corrective underwear Plie from the best manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe.

We care about each buyer find affordable and high-quality new clothes, so commodity prices very different - from the 438 to 1265 UAH.

Products category corrective underwear Plie constantly replenished with new collections, so before you choose from 7 the best models.

And we have a wide selection of sizes, you will find models from 42(S), 85D to 48(XL), 85D.

«Intimo» always cares about the health of their customers, because offers you the products in the category corrective underwear Plie only with quality materials: cotton.

Among the bright colors you are sure to find a favorite model of hue, and our most popular colors of buyers – white, black, bodily, prints and mixes.

If you are looking for something special, we are pleased to offer these models: single color, pull-on and correction.

Corrective underwear : Brand - Plie, Brazil with delivery across Ukraine: , , ,
Delivery of lingerie and swimwear through the whole Ukraine: Житомир Запорожье Херсон Луцк Мариуполь
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Brand: Plie, Brazil
1 size left
Correction shirt
24.19 USD
18.14 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 28138
Available sizes:
34.42 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 13148
Available sizes:
Corrective shorts
49.12 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 6511
Available sizes:
44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Corrective briefs
22.92 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 6510
Available sizes:
4(L), 5(XL)
Corrective dress
37.14 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 6513
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Corrective body
52.33 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 6512
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Corrective briefs
23.56 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 27873
Available sizes:
2(S), 3(M)
Showing 7 of products of 7
Brand: Plie, Brazil
from to USD
Type of product
  • The top part of the garment, sewn with trousers, breeches or shorts.
  • The upper part of the clothes without sleeves or with straps.
  • Types of dresses.
  • Knee-length pants.
Panties size
Size clothing
  • Cup bra made of smooth material and without decoration - can be easily worn under tight clothing. In this case the side part and the backrest can be lace.
  • The cup is completely soft, has no sealing inserts.
  • Classic women's bikini panties .
  • The rear detail of panties passes between the buttocks, the buttocks opened as much as possible.
  • Thing is malomerit. We recommended to take the size bigger than usual: if you have M, it will suits L-size.
  • Thing parameters is completely consistent with the standard size chart and fits the size to size.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • Lingerie, which pulls-on and/or corrects the shape.
  • Lingerie visually reduces the girth to 6-10 cm. Lingerie hides wrinkles, making smooth curves. You can wear the clothes by one size smaller without problems.
  • Lingerie perceptibly transforms the body shape formed smart silhouette, visually makes slim. This binding allows to wear the clothes, which were difficult or very difficult to put on before.
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