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Size clothing: 40(XS) 42(S)
Corrective shorts
Price: 13.44 USD
Lovable, Italy
Product's code: 38633
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Formative shorts with a high waist with a sculpting effect
Price: 17.40 USD
Peachy Pink, Italy
Product's code: 13997
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L)
Bra Panties
Price: 25.31 USD
Julimex, Poland
Product's code: 45156
Available sizes:
40(XS), 42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL), 50(XXL)
Modeling panties slip
Price: 19.53 USD
Julimex, Poland
Product's code: 44585
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL), 50(XXL)
Corrective body slip
Price: 28 USD
Julimex, Poland
Product's code: 44586
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 48(XL), 50(XXL)
Corrective body
Price: 52.33 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 6512
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Corrective dress
Price: 37.14 USD
Plie, Brazil
Product's code: 6513
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Correction shirt
Price: 54.76 USD
Peachy Pink, Italy
Product's code: 13996
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Cellulite corrective shorts
Price: 42.59 USD
Peachy Pink, Italy
Product's code: 12714
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Sports T-shirt correcting posture
Price: 58 USD
Peachy Pink, Italy
Product's code: 14001
Available sizes:
42(S), 46(L), 48(XL)
Formative shorts with high waist
Price: 20.17 USD
Trasparenze, Italy
Product's code: 16343
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L)
1 size left
26.93 USD
Price: 13.46 USD
Andra, Italy
Product's code: 15948
Available sizes:
Waist Slimming Belt
Price: 34.80 USD
Peachy Pink, Italy
Product's code: 13999
Available sizes:
Showing 13 of products of 13
Size clothing: 40(XS) 42(S)
from to USD
Type of product
  • Bra jointed with panties, has the buckle between the legs. Lingerie, which is worn under clothing.
  • Pants below the knee length, but no longer than mid-calf.
  • The top part of the garment, sewn with trousers, breeches or shorts.
  • Bra conjuncted with corset's belts. With a longitudinal wires, a compressed effect, so it provides you with shapeliness.
  • Knitted pants by fitting style.
  • The upper part of the clothes without sleeves or with straps.
  • Types of dresses.
  • Belt for wearing under the clothing: clenching, corrective, corset belts, and also  postnatal bandages.
  • Knitted sweater with short sleeves to the elbow.
  • Knee-length pants.
Panties size
Size clothing
40(XS) 42(S)
Size stockings, tights
  • No underwire.
  • Cup bra made of smooth material and without decoration - can be easily worn under tight clothing. In this case the side part and the backrest can be lace.
  • The cup is completely soft, has no sealing inserts.
  • Sets includes the silicone straps.
  • Halter has a standard width from 8 to 12 mm.
  • Straps are completely removed and can be replaced by other straps of the same width.
  • Wide comfortable straps width of 12 mm, which does not cut into the skin and provide a reliable support.
  • Slit back not below the middle of the shoulder blades.
  • The fastener on 2 hooks in lengthway.
  • The fastener on 3 hooks in lengthway.
  • Backless gets down below the middle of the shoulder-blades.
  • Classic women's bikini panties .
  • The rear detail of panties passes between the buttocks, the buttocks opened as much as possible.
  • The front and rear parts of panties has the same length. Wide side crosspiece, buttocks are closed as much as possible.
  • The product has a high rise or high waist. It is sits at the level of the navel or waist.
  • Fit above the waist, under breasts. It provides the comfort and slender silhouette.
  • The rise on the level of pelvic bone's protruding partl. The best version, if you do not like too underestimative waist.
  • Thing is malomerit. We recommended to take the size bigger than usual: if you have M, it will suits L-size.
  • Thing parameters is completely consistent with the standard size chart and fits the size to size.
  • There are no side seams.
  • Size chart starts from 46th (L) size. Design of things specially developed wiyh taking into special feature of the full figure.
  • Thing combines a several colors.
  • The item's rims treated by laser, so there is no seams and do not stick out under tight clothing.
  • Thing without lining.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • Bra with silicone tape on the inner side of the lateral part owing to which it better fits the body and do not slip.
  • Lingerie, which pulls-on and/or corrects the shape.
  • Inside in the panties is a cotton gusset, which provide improved double hygiene.
  • Lingerie corrects and adds the shape do not takes centimeters in girth. Compression scarsely perceptible, lingerie comfortable in the wearing and perceptibly makes easier the dressing of fitting clothes.
  • Lingerie visually reduces the girth to 6-10 cm. Lingerie hides wrinkles, making smooth curves. You can wear the clothes by one size smaller without problems.
  • Lingerie perceptibly transforms the body shape formed smart silhouette, visually makes slim. This binding allows to wear the clothes, which were difficult or very difficult to put on before.
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