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Brand: Lilly, Romania
Push up bra
Price: 25.34 USD
Lilly, Romania
Product's code: 16393
Available sizes:
70B, 70C, 75B, 75C, 80B, 80C
Push up bra
Price: 19.49 USD
Lilly, Romania
Product's code: 16400
Available sizes:
65B, 70B
Bra with soft cup
Price: 7.99 USD
Lilly, Romania
Product's code: 33248
Available sizes:
Bra with soft cup
Price: 24.02 USD
Lilly, Romania
Product's code: 16405
Available sizes:
Bra push up gel
Price: 25.42 USD
Lilly, Romania
Product's code: 16402
Available sizes:
Push up gel bra
Price: 22.93 USD
Lilly, Romania
Product's code: 16396
Available sizes:
Showing 6 of products of 6
Brand: Lilly, Romania
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Under bra size
Cup size
  • Cup bra has the inserts inside, lifts and shifting the breast to the center. The inserts can be either detachable or an integral part of the brassiere. This includes all types of push up: foam, gel, double, removable, air, water, and others.
  • Fixed type of push up, which is sewn directly into the cup bra. Pretty tight, within pressing by fingers you felt the bag with gel. Excellent keeps the forms and is very durable. From the inner side cups looks organically, without betraying yourself.
  • Adds two breast +2 size and creates a sexy cleavage. Push up itself takes about a half of cup.
  • The cup is completely soft, has no sealing inserts.
  • The cup with underwire.
  • A small push up to 1.5 cm thick or thin fabric insets. Such push up gives a  breast appetizing shape without changing its size visually.
  • The most common type of push up. Thickness from 2 cm, it is felt when pressed and adds 1 size. Insets in such push up is volemetric: gel, water, air or a thick foam rubber.
  • Every strap conist of two tape strips.
  • Halter has a standard width from 8 to 12 mm.
  • Straps are completely removed and can be replaced by other straps of the same width.
  • Thin, delicate straps width up to 7 mm.
  • The fastener on 3 hooks in lengthway.
  • The back of the brassiere is made from transparent silicone.
  • The fastener is at the front.
  • A thing can be worn in several ways.
  • Thing is malomerit. We recommended to take the size bigger than usual: if you have M, it will suits L-size.
  • Thing parameters is completely consistent with the standard size chart and fits the size to size.
  • Products' fabric is completely smooth, without protruding parts (laces, rhinestones, different decor). Perfectly suits under tight clothes.
  • The fabric is completely translucent, almost without hiding anything.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • Clothing with a deep neckline, and special bras allows to wear clothing with a deep neckline.
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