Beach Wear, or the riot of colors and the "hot" little things

Going to soak up the sun on the banks of a river or the sea, above all, need to be concerned about the presence of highly attractive bathing suit. Fortunately, modern choice of clothes is really very diverse. But even after successful purchase of the most stylish and bright swimwear is one more important question - what to put on a swimsuit? After flaunting from the house to the beach in bikini alone can afford to those who live in a small house on the river bank, and then - even in such a case, do not forget to cover uphead hat and throw on hip pareo.Kupit beachwear - the first thing that should be concerned, after the acquisition of the leotard. But in this case bother you certainly do not have to. Today beachwear presented a very original and convenient options. Start, perhaps, is the most popular garments - tunics. Interestingly, this is not always the clothes were purely female, although the history of the thing has its origins in ancient Greece. Modern tunic - is a versatile all your favorite dress-shirts that are perfect for relaxation and even for the office.Diverse cover, length, shape cutouts makes this piece wardrobe is truly popular. And not surprisingly, are extremely popular beach tunic of a light or sheer fabric that can be worn over a bathing suit and still look sexy, stylish and komfortno.Krome to buy a tunic in Kiev, do not have to look for a long time - which is only the range of clothes online store «Intimo» .Not less popular attire for going to the beach is the beach sundress. Moreover, under this concept are hiding hundreds of styles that delightriotous colors, bright and provocative prints. In short, this is an excellent choice for an unforgettable vacation by the water. Well, how could I not mention the pareo - light transparent clothes, which although is a section of tissue, can easily be transformed in a skirt and a dress. Just tie up as you are comfortable - in any case, this will look like beachwear and sexy, and nasyscheno.Takim way, if you need the original and comfortable clothing for the rest the bank of a river or the sea, really stylish beachwear, Shop «Intimo» He knows what you offer.

Delivery of lingerie and swimwear through the whole Ukraine: Винница Белая Церковь Запорожье Ужгород Черкассы
To show:
Beach tunic
913.50 UAH
Blu Bay, Italy
Product's code: 34426
Available sizes:
one size
275.96 UAH
Wave Zone, Italy
Product's code: 43828
Available sizes:
40/42 (XS/S), 42 (S), 42/44 (S/М)
Dress, Cotton
903.93 UAH
Infiore, Italy
Product's code: 40544
Available sizes:
40 (XS), 42/44 (S/М), 44/46 (M/L)
Sundress, viscose
1 944.16 UAH
Ysabel Mora, Spain
Product's code: 46431
Available sizes:
42 (S), 46 (L), 48 (XL)
Dress, viscose
1 680.61 UAH
Ysabel Mora, Spain
Product's code: 46427
Available sizes:
44 (M), 46 (L)
Dress beach
1 725.15 UAH
Roby-zu, Italy
Product's code: 27164
Available sizes:
42 (S), 44 (M), 46 (L)
2 448.99 UAH
Linea Sprint, Italy
Product's code: 40378
Available sizes:
one size
Dress, Cotton
903.93 UAH
Infiore, Italy
Product's code: 40547
Available sizes:
40 (XS), 42/44 (S/М), 44/46 (M/L)
1 600.45 UAH
Lida, Greece
Product's code: 40512
Available sizes:
42 (S), 44 (M), 46 (L)
Dress, Cotton
903.93 UAH
Infiore, Italy
Product's code: 40542
Available sizes:
42/44 (S/М), 44/46 (M/L)
Tunic, Cotton
903.93 UAH
Infiore, Italy
Product's code: 40536
Available sizes:
one size
Beach dress
541.68 UAH
Suavite, Ukraine-Slovakia
Product's code: 34048
Available sizes:
42/44 (S/М), 46/48 (L/XL)
Beach tunic
913.50 UAH
Blu Bay, Italy
Product's code: 34424
Available sizes:
one size
1 232.30 UAH
Suavite, Ukraine-Slovakia
Product's code: 34046
Available sizes:
one size
1 533.62 UAH
Jolidon, Romania
Product's code: 24916
Available sizes:
one size
Overalls, viscose
1 827.23 UAH
Ysabel Mora, Spain
Product's code: 46424
Available sizes:
42 (S), 44 (M), 46 (L), 48 (XL)
With Swarovski crystals beach dress
1 479.00 UAH
Prelude, Romania
Product's code: 19728
Available sizes:
42 (S), 44 (M)
1 301.06 UAH
Ysabel Mora, Spain
Product's code: 46433
Available sizes:
42 (S), 46 (L)
Women's shorts
1 727.44 UAH
Marc & Andre, France
Product's code: 32483
Available sizes:
42 (S), 44 (M), 46 (L), 48 (XL), 50 (XXL)
Trousers, Viscose
1 083.26 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 40179
Available sizes:
40/42 (XS/S), 42 (S), 44 (M), 46 (L)
Tunica, viscose
1 882.30 UAH
Suavite, Ukraine-Slovakia
Product's code: 42081
Available sizes:
46/48 (L/XL)
T-shirt, cotton
753.79 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 43175
Available sizes:
46 (L), 48 (XL)
Shorts, cotton
1 430.54 UAH
Lida, Greece
Product's code: 40502
Available sizes:
42 (S), 46 (L)
Tunic, Cotton
1 005.06 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 38195
Available sizes:
46 (L), 48 (XL)
from to UAH
Size clothing
Size women's pants and skirts
  • Halter has a standard width from 8 to 12 mm.
  • Straps are completely removed and can be replaced by other straps of the same width.
  • Halter slightly shifts the breast toward the center and gives it a more rounded shape.
  • Decoration (or the main part of it) is pasted to the thing by glue.
  • Decor (or the main part of it ) is pasted to the thing by thread.
  • The beads is used in decor.
  • The fabric has a pattern embroidered by threads, including sewing.
  • Thing is decorated with Swarovski crystals and has a special label from the manufacturer that it is original Swarovski.
  • Thing is completely lace or consists of lace less than a quarter.
  • Thing is decorated with sequins - flat scales of shiny material.
  • Ruffles and frills not only looks cute, but also visually increase the bust. If you have a wide hips - it will be looks great on you!
  • Thing is decorated with imitation gems on the adhesive basis.
  • The product goes down below the ankle.
  • Product's length just below bottom.
  • The product does not cover the knees.
  • The product length below the knee.
  • Thing has no sleeves.
  • The sleeve from wrist and lower.
  • The sleeve does not obtain to the elbow.
  • Thing with thin bra straps.
  • Shoulders are open, the thing with or without sleeves.
  • The sleeve down below the elbow, but not longer than the beginning of the wrist.
  • The product without buckle.
  • Slit back not below the middle of the shoulder blades.
  • Clothing are tied under armpit.
  • The main clasp - zipper.
  • The main clasp - buttons.
  • Backless gets down below the middle of the shoulder-blades.
  • The main clasp - buttons.
  • The cardboard tagel of producer is attached  to the thing.
  • The product has no tags attached, except the tissue label.
  • Accessory in the complete sets is sewn to the product.
  • Included brooch, belt clip or cameo.
  • Included belt.
  • Accessory, included in the comlete set, can be removed.
  • The product consists of viscose at least 30%.
  • The product consists of a modal at least 30%.
  • The product consists of cotton at least 30%.
  • The product consists of silk at least 30%.
  • The product consists of the flax least 30%.
  • The product is without pockets and / or simulated pockets.
  • The product has  one pocket behind at least.
  • The product has one pocket in front at least.
  • Size chart starts from 46th (L) size. Design of things specially developed wiyh taking into special feature of the full figure.
  • Thing combines a several colors.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • Swimwear and beach accessories.
  • The thing has a hood.
  • The fabric has the picture of all kind: pattern, print, application of rhinestones , embossed lettering, etc.
  • The product with a lining.
  • The fabric is thin and light in a touch.
  • Thing without lining.
  • The mesh lining inside.
  • Slightly translucent fabric, it can be seen the silhouette and body relief through it.
  • The fabric is completely translucent, almost without hiding anything.
  • Made completely from a nylon mesh.
  • The fabric stretches very well and looks like a knitting by structure.
  • The fabric is dense, thick, heavy in a touch.
  • Flowing, smooth and shiny on the front side the fabric is natural or synthetic in composition.
  • Thing is malomerit. We recommended to take the size bigger than usual: if you have M, it will suits L-size.
  • Thing parameters is completely consistent with the standard size chart and fits the size to size.
  • The product has a high rise or high waist. It is sits at the level of the navel or waist.
  • Low waist: the rise on the level of hip's flexion (the hips are open to the maximum). This is the most even tan in swimsuits. The panties of such a model will not be visible under the clothing with low rise.
  • The rise on the level of pelvic bone's protruding partl. The best version, if you do not like too underestimative waist.
  • The thing gets loose on the breast and waist, and fits on the hips.
  • The narrowest part of the product is at the waist level.
  • The thing fits, repeating the body silhouette.
  • The narrowest part of clothing - under breast. The thing trapezoidal costs down from the breast. 
  • Thing sits freely, fits nowhere.
  • Picture sticked or sewn to the product and made of a different material (fabric, lace, rhinestones, imitation pearls, etc.).
  • Pattern in stripes.
  • Picture clearly protrudes above the fabric's surface; it's feels like foam, suede, velvet, sequins, volumetric needle-work.
  • Picture is cut by the form of holes, cuts, figurate cutting. Through the picture appears the body or other tissue (lining).
  • Picture are printed on fabric (impregnated thread) or created by the fibrous weaving. Picture's texture isn't  differ from fabric's texture.
  • A pattern of polka dot.
  • Pants below the knee length, but no longer than mid-calf.
  • Pants of all types, including classic trousers.
  • The top part of the garment, sewn with trousers, breeches or shorts.
  • The upper part of the clothes without sleeves or with straps.
  • Decorative scarf, designed to emphasize the hips and protect skin from the sun.
  • Types of dresses.
  • The upper part of the free-style clothes, with a hole for the head and without cut-off sleeves.
  • Summer dress free style, without sleeves, with open shoulders or bra straps.
  • Woman's top part of clothing to mid-thigh length. It is can be wearing either on one's own or with trousers or pants.
  • Knitted sweater with short sleeves to the elbow.
  • Dress for home and the rest, closed near the armpits.
  • Knee-length pants.
  • Different types of skirts.
  • Women's woven chemise is not trailing material with or without a fastener. It may have a short or long sleeve.
  • Knitted sweater with a fastener.
  • The product is delivered in a transparent packing bags with adhesive tape.
  • The product is packed in a cardboard box or plastic closing box.
  • The product is deliver in the company's branded package, the package contains information about the product.
  • The product is delivered on a hanger.
  • The cup is completely soft, has no sealing inserts.
  • No underwire.
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