This section presents a wide selection of products from the category white men's swimming trunks from the best manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe.

We care about each buyer find affordable and high-quality new clothes, so commodity prices very different - from the 539 to 557 UAH.

Products category white men's swimming trunks constantly replenished with new collections, so before you choose from 3 the best models.

And we have a wide selection of sizes, you will find models from 46(S), 85D to 54(2XL), 85D.

«Intimo» always cares about the health of their customers, because offers you the products in the category white men's swimming trunks only with quality materials: viscose, linen, cotton.

Among the bright colors you are sure to find a favorite model of hue, and our most popular colors of buyers – white, blue - dark blue, yellow - orange.

If you are looking for something special, we are pleased to offer these models: with a lining, combination color, beachy.

Beach line : swimming trunks, Colour - White with delivery across Ukraine: , , ,
Delivery of lingerie and swimwear through the whole Ukraine: Житомир Запорожье Херсон Луцк Мариуполь
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Colour: White
Type of product: swimming trunks
Men's swimming trunks boxer
22.33 USD
Scuola nautica italiana
Product's code: 51494
Available sizes:
48(M), 52(XL), 54(2XL)
Men's swimming trunks shorts
22.33 USD
Scuola nautica italiana
Product's code: 53842
Available sizes:
46(S), 48(M), 50(L), 52(XL), 54(2XL)
Men's swimming trunks shorts
23.05 USD
Johnny Brasco, Italy
Product's code: 42743
Available sizes:
48(M), 52(XL)
Showing 3 of product of 3
Colour: White
Type of product: swimming trunks
from to USD
Type of product
  • Special elastic underwear for swimming.
  • Knee-length pants.
swimming trunks
Size men's pants
Size for men
  • The product without buckle.
  • The main clasp - zipper.
  • The main clasp - buttons.
  • Classic slip swimming truncks, which provides the best fit.
  • Men's swimming trunks boxer.
  • The product does not cover the knees.
  • The product length below the knee.
  • The product has a high rise or high waist. It is sits at the level of the navel or waist.
  • The rise on the level of pelvic bone's protruding partl. The best version, if you do not like too underestimative waist.
  • Thing is malomerit. We recommended to take the size bigger than usual: if you have M, it will suits L-size.
  • Thing parameters is completely consistent with the standard size chart and fits the size to size.
  • The product is without pockets and / or simulated pockets.
  • Access to the pocket only from the inner side of the product.
  • The product has  one pocket behind at least.
  • The product has one pocket in front at least.
  • The product with a lining.
  • Thing combines a several colors.
  • Thing without lining.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • Swimwear and beach accessories.
  • The mesh lining inside.
  • The fabric has the picture of all kind: pattern, print, application of rhinestones , embossed lettering, etc.
  • Picture sticked or sewn to the product and made of a different material (fabric, lace, rhinestones, imitation pearls, etc.).
  • Picture appears on the material's surface, it is "sticked" on it; fabric texture is not visible through the drawing. The picture's texture is differ from the fabric's texture (picture is more denser, hard, smooth than tissue,  it is shines, etc.).
  • Picture are printed on fabric (impregnated thread) or created by the fibrous weaving. Picture's texture isn't  differ from fabric's texture.
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