Women's outerwear

Internet-shop "Intimacy" (Kiev, Ukraine) continues to please its shoppers and to the beginning of the autumn season is the new autumn collection of women's clothing. In the "Intimacy", you can buy Turkish shawls and scarves from Kasmir - gentle, refined, which can be worn around the neck or tie on its head. In the catalog you will find gorgeous Italian jackets from Glenfield, which sit perfectly on the figure, and stylish jacket from Yes Zee (Italy). Colours for every taste, including the actual cell today. Women of fashion will like the luxury French cardigan from Marc & Andre, a model of by Monella, made of soft, pure wool, will not allow to freeze long autumn evenings
The trend of the season Bolero:. Beautiful, comfortable and inexpensive. Knitwear great stretches, tight facilitate shoulders. Cozy sweaters from Yamamay perfect for outings and relaxing stroll in the city park, but can also serve as a home clothes. The price is very democratic. A wide range of sizes, a large price range, plenty of models provide the freedom of choice. A total confidence it gives the visiting dressing, using the services of which you can be sure that the thing you are good and sits on a figure. You only pay for the goods you like. Exchange and Returns - no problem.

Outerwear with delivery across Ukraine: , , ,
To show:
4 266.50 UAH
German Volf, Ukraine
Product's code: 53197
Available sizes:
40(XS), 42(S), 48(XL)
Windbreaker, cotton
889.09 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 47303
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Jacket, cotton
1 130.69 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 39438
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Homemade suit, viscose
1 978.00 UAH
German Volf, Ukraine
Product's code: 49022
Available sizes:
40(XS), 42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
3 248.00 UAH
Gian Marco Venturi, Italy
Product's code: 49720
Available sizes:
44(M), 46(L)
Cardigan, wool
1 462.50 UAH
MR520, Ukraine
Product's code: 43799
Available sizes:
42/44(S/М), 46/48(L/XL)
Jacket, tensile
1 000.22 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 47718
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 48(XL)
Jacket, cotton
889.09 UAH
666.82 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 47302
Available sizes:
Jacket, Tencel
(1 evaluation)
1 136.43 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 30511
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Jacket, cotton
944.66 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 47285
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
Jacket, cotton
777.95 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 47252
Available sizes:
42(S), 48(XL)
A jacket
889.09 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 47719
Available sizes:
42(S), 46(L), 48(XL)
A jacket
1 173.00 UAH
Ora, Ukraine
Product's code: 32091
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL)
770.24 UAH
Yes Zee, Italy
Product's code: 21639
Available sizes:
from to UAH
Size clothing
  • The fabric has a pattern embroidered by threads, including sewing.
  • Thing is completely lace or consists of lace less than a quarter.
  • The product goes down below the ankle.
  • Product's length just below bottom.
  • The product does not cover the knees.
  • Thing has no sleeves.
  • The sleeve from wrist and lower.
  • The sleeve does not obtain to the elbow.
  • The sleeve down below the elbow, but not longer than the beginning of the wrist.
  • The main clasp - zipper.
  • The product without buckle.
  • Included brooch, belt clip or cameo.
  • Included belt.
  • The product consists of viscose at least 30%.
  • The product consists of cotton at least 30%.
  • The product consists of wool at least 30%.
  • The product is without pockets and / or simulated pockets.
  • The product has one pocket in front at least.
  • Thing combines a several colors.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • The fabric has the picture of all kind: pattern, print, application of rhinestones , embossed lettering, etc.
  • The fabric is thin and light in a touch.
  • The fabric is dense, thick, heavy in a touch.
  • The narrowest part of clothing - under breast. The thing trapezoidal costs down from the breast. 
  • Thing sits freely, fits nowhere.
  • A shorter women jacket long to the breast.
  • Knitted jacket without collar, with a deep slit, sometimes with a fastener.
  • Outerwear demi-season clothes.
  • All kinds of jackets, including those which are the part of a business suit.
  • Clothing complete set of sports style or color.
  • Set for home wear. Unlike pajamas could have pockets, hook on the jacket or warming fleece. Suitable for meeting the guests in it.
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