This section presents a wide selection of products at deep discounts in rasprodazhnoy category domestic textile from the best manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe.

We care about each buyer find affordable and high-quality new clothes, so on sale prices very different - from the 519 to 2203 UAH.

Goods on sale with big discounts in the category domestic textile constantly replenished with new collections, so before you choose from 3 best models with incredible discounts.

And we have a wide selection of sizes, you will find models from 150x100(см), 65B to 130x190(см), 90BC.

«Intimo» always cares about the health of their customers, so offering you not only the products with great discounts in the category domestic textile, but only made of quality materials: cotton, viscose, modal, fleece.

Among the bright colors you are sure to find a favorite model of hue, and our most popular colors of buyers – black, red, prints and mixes.

If you are looking for something special, we are pleased to offer these models: single color, with a picture, beachy, combination color, neon color.

Domestic textile with delivery across Ukraine: , , ,
To show:
738.69 UAH
Massana, Spain
Product's code: 49220
Available sizes:
692.52 UAH
519.39 UAH
Massana, Spain
Product's code: 49218
Available sizes:
Plaid, 130h190
2 202.14 UAH
Doremi, Italy
Product's code: 44430
Available sizes:
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