This section presents a wide selection of products from the category sporting from the best manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe.

We care about each buyer find affordable and high-quality new clothes, so commodity prices very different - from the 297 to 887 UAH.

Products category sporting constantly replenished with new collections, so before you choose from 9 the best models.

And we have a wide selection of sizes, you will find models from 40(XS), 70B to 50(XXL), 85B.

«Intimo» always cares about the health of their customers, because offers you the products in the category sporting only with quality materials: viscose, cotton.

Among the bright colors you are sure to find a favorite model of hue, and our most popular colors of buyers – black, blue - dark blue, grey.

If you are looking for something special, we are pleased to offer these models: combination color, single color, sport.

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Комплект женского термобелья
(2 evaluations)
739.08 UAH
Kifa, Ukraine
Product's code: 36723
Available sizes:
40(XS), 42(S), 44(M), 46(L), 48(XL), 50(XXL)
Top sports bra with soft cup cotton
(2 evaluations)
461.10 UAH
Infiore, Italy
Product's code: 29531
Available sizes:
70B, 75B, 80B
Top sports bra with soft cup cotton
(2 evaluations)
461.10 UAH
Infiore, Italy
Product's code: 29530
Available sizes:
70B, 75B, 80B
Top for sports
886.70 UAH
Lisca, Slovenia
Product's code: 47135
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L)
Panties for sport shorts
441.65 UAH
Lisca, Slovenia
Product's code: 47133
Available sizes:
2(S), 3(M), 4(L)
Топ-бра для спорта с уплотнённой чашкой
500.11 UAH
V-CARE, China
Product's code: 39798
Available sizes:
75B, 80B
Bra with soft cup, cotton
(1 evaluation)
297.25 UAH
Product's code: 46704
Available sizes:
70B, 75B, 80B, 85B
Top sports bra with soft cup
488.14 UAH
Lepel, Italy
Product's code: 29637
Available sizes:
Bra Panties, sports
306.17 UAH
Lepel, Italy
Product's code: 29636
Available sizes:
from to UAH
Under bra size
Panties size
  • Halter has a standard width from 8 to 12 mm.
  • Wide comfortable straps width of 12 mm, which does not cut into the skin and provide a reliable support.
  • The product without buckle.
  • Slit back not below the middle of the shoulder blades.
  • Backless gets down below the middle of the shoulder-blades.
  • The cardboard tagel of producer is attached  to the thing.
  • The product has no tags attached, except the tissue label.
  • The product consists of cotton at least 30%.
  • The product consists of viscose at least 30%.
  • Thing combines a several colors.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • Products' fabric is completely smooth, without protruding parts (laces, rhinestones, different decor). Perfectly suits under tight clothes.
  •  The insulated fleece on the inner side.
  • Thing of lingerie, supports and lifts the breasts.
  • Bra-top without clasp on the back.
  • Knitted sweater without fastener with round collar; T-shirt with long sleeves.
  • Knitted pants by fitting style.
  • Warm underwear wears under clothing for warming. As a rule, made from special synthetic fabrics with improvetive thermoregulators, of rayon, cotton or wool, could have a fleece.
  • Classic women's bikini panties .
  • The front and rear parts of panties has the same length. Wide side crosspiece, buttocks are closed as much as possible.
  • The product is delivered in a transparent packing bags with adhesive tape.
  • The product is packed in a cardboard box or plastic closing box.
  • The product is deliver in the company's branded package, the package contains information about the product.
  • No underwire.
  • The cup is completely soft, has no sealing inserts.
  • Molded cup: it holds the form, while it lacks of push up.
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