How to quickly and easily buy the coveted yellow lady's gown?

Shopping can not only delight but also tiring and even disappointing. If the matter does not come to mind.

I never thought that women buy yellow gowns in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, will be complicated? The city of chestnuts is beautiful, and largely thanks to its diversity, but how to deal with these stores mountain?

The trouble is not that the market was empty and on the shelves of nothing but old dust and hungry mice. ! The trouble is gentle but demanding woman's soul


Ladies, Have you ever had this: you know, and model and size and the color and type of the perfect purchase; you imagined it himself a thousand times, and always trying on new clothes in front of an imaginary mirror, you smile likefox in the hen house.

And then came that memorable Saturday free. You put your case, gather everything you need for shopping, transforming the elegant handbag a 5-pounder the weight, and to put forward to the meeting to his dream. Oh, this is a wonderful moment ....

Beats Reality

Hours to six on a good mood no trace. Handbag anchor pulling you to the bottom, foamy chosen already emptied your phone with games and constantly whine near intrusive any flies and that most cherished little things not even on the horizon.

And it's not that the stores are empty. Just not all them. For example, you need female yellow robes, and not just some random, namely, solar, bright, and this ... imaginary.

There are peach, has a pale yellow, therelace with unnecessary or inappropriate risunochki. Heck, there is even the most perfect yellow robe - but male

Last day: the mood is spoiled, her dressing gown as it was not, and is not, and deferred for later cases even necessarily give a felt. Yes, and there was a dispute with the elect. Ah, if it were possible in another.

The other way there!

Ladies, we live in the 21st century and the Internet have all . Yes, the main purpose of this cute huskies and seals. This fact is undeniable, but there is a minor problem that will play in your favor.

For example, on the Internet there is a huge number of online shops., by the way, a great place to find elegant lingerie, swimwear and, yes, it is the same one the coveted yellow robe.

Do shopping inInternet there are lots of advantages:

  • First of all: do not need to go anywhere. All items - here they are, right in front of you

  • Second, the site contains a variety of filters, through which you can most accurately formulated. their desires and find cherished little things

  • third:. discounts! Oh yes, the sea of ​​discounts of all kinds and sizes, depending on seasonal offers, items in the cart, subscriptions and other

  • And finally: it is not necessary to delay the case for many hours a marathon in all shops of the city, there is no bad advice by word of mouth, the chosen happy and busy with their own affairs, and you are happy with the new, delightful purchase!

That's what shopping happy twenty-first century!

Delivery of lingerie and swimwear through the whole Ukraine: Киев Днепр (Днепропетровск) Житомир Полтава Чернигов
To show:
Showing 3 of product of 3
Colour: Yellow - orange
Bathrobe, silk
5 537.55 UAH
3 876.28 UAH
Product's code: 48430
Available sizes:
5 639.77 UAH
3 947.84 UAH
Product's code: 48352
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M)
Bathrobe, cotton
1 715.40 UAH
Felena, Ukraine
Product's code: 34927
Available sizes:
42(S), 44(M), 46(L)
Showing 3 of product of 3
Colour: Yellow - orange
from to UAH
Size clothing
  • Decor (or the main part of it ) is pasted to the thing by thread.
  • The fabric has a pattern embroidered by threads, including sewing.
  • Thing is completely lace or consists of lace less than a quarter.
  • The product goes down below the ankle.
  • Product's length just below bottom.
  • The product does not cover the knees.
  • The product length below the knee.
  • The sleeve from wrist and lower.
  • The sleeve does not obtain to the elbow.
  • Thing with thin bra straps.
  • The sleeve down below the elbow, but not longer than the beginning of the wrist.
  • Clothing are tied under armpit.
  • The main clasp - buttons.
  • The main clasp - zipper.
  • The main clasp - buttons.
  • The cardboard tagel of producer is attached  to the thing.
  • The product has no tags attached, except the tissue label.
  • Included belt.
  • Complete set of a dressing-gown and nightdress.
  • The product consists of viscose at least 30%.
  • The product consists of a modal at least 30%.
  • The product consists of cotton at least 30%.
  • The product consists of wool at least 30%.
  • The product consists of silk at least 30%.
  • The product is without pockets and / or simulated pockets.
  • Access to the pocket only from the inner side of the product.
  • The product has one pocket in front at least.
  • Size chart starts from 46th (L) size. Design of things specially developed wiyh taking into special feature of the full figure.
  • Thing combines a several colors.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • The thing has a hood.
  • The fabric has the picture of all kind: pattern, print, application of rhinestones , embossed lettering, etc.
  • Flowing, smooth and shiny on the front side the fabric is natural or synthetic in composition.
  • A material having a soft nap facing surface.
  • Products' fabric is completely smooth, without protruding parts (laces, rhinestones, different decor). Perfectly suits under tight clothes.
  • The fabric is thin and light in a touch.
  • Thing without lining.
  • Slightly translucent fabric, it can be seen the silhouette and body relief through it.
  • The fabric is completely translucent, almost without hiding anything.
  •  The insulated fleece on the inner side.
  • The fabric stretches very well and looks like a knitting by structure.
  • The fabric is dense, thick, heavy in a touch.
  • Regular collection of monochromatic clothes for every day. As a rule, the line is represented by white, black and nude colors. Lingerie has a minimum decoration, perfectly combined with a greater part of the wardrobe and is indispensable for the dress code.
  • The limited collection is availiable only once. Lingerie of original and actual colors. Typically, this is a special fabric (silk), rich decor (embroidery, Swarovski), special tailoring. There are collections, of which the favorite kits comes to the wardrobe .
  • Picture sticked or sewn to the product and made of a different material (fabric, lace, rhinestones, imitation pearls, etc.).
  • A pattern of polka dot.
  • Picture is cut by the form of holes, cuts, figurate cutting. Through the picture appears the body or other tissue (lining).
  • Picture are printed on fabric (impregnated thread) or created by the fibrous weaving. Picture's texture isn't  differ from fabric's texture.
  • Seductive short chemise.  may It could have a molded cup, deep slit, lace cup and other attributes of erotic lingerie.
  • Dress for home and the rest, closed near the armpits.
  • The product is delivered in a transparent packing bags with adhesive tape.
  • The product is packed in a cardboard box or plastic closing box.
  • The product is deliver in the company's branded package, the package contains information about the product.
  • The product is delivered on a hanger.
Other colors
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