Products from Bas Bleu – a quality and stylish products, the country of origin – Poland.

Brand offers customers 2 types products, among which the most in demand women's lingerie, tights, stockings.

The range of choices is represented by a broad color palette, and are the most popular among buyers shades – black, brown, prints and mixes.

In the catalog of the brand new thing everyone will afford - the price range allows you to buy a model from 272 to 649 UAH. And the choice will please the most demanding fashionistas: Bas Bleu offers to 7 models.

Among the materials used - only quality: viscose. And so you can just pick the perfect option, the manufacturer offers products with such features: without shorts, single color, with a picture, sport.

The brand Bas Bleu you will find everything to feel comfortable and stylish at any time of the year. To do this, visit the pages of popular collections: collection.

To show:
Leggings 200 den
409.54 UAH
Price: 311.25 UAH
Bas Bleu, Poland
Product's code: 30637
Available sizes:
3, 4, 5
Leggings 200 den, viscose
648.44 UAH
Price: 492.81 UAH
Bas Bleu, Poland
Product's code: 46120
Available sizes:
Leggings 200 den
277.65 UAH
Price: 211.02 UAH
Bas Bleu, Poland
Product's code: 30638
Available sizes:
2, 4
Leggings 200 den
347.68 UAH
Price: 264.24 UAH
Bas Bleu, Poland
Product's code: 30856
Available sizes:
Leggings 200 den
(1 evaluation)
540.23 UAH
Price: 410.57 UAH
Bas Bleu, Poland
Product's code: 45614
Available sizes:
Sports top
352.40 UAH
Price: 267.82 UAH
Bas Bleu, Poland
Product's code: 37587
Available sizes:
from to UAH
Type of product
  • Knitted pants by fitting style.
  • The upper part of the summer dress with open shoulders, sleeveless or with one sleeve.
Type of production
Size stockings, tights
  • Regular collection of monochromatic clothes for every day. As a rule, the line is represented by white, black and nude colors. Lingerie has a minimum decoration, perfectly combined with a greater part of the wardrobe and is indispensable for the dress code.
  • The limited collection is availiable only once. Lingerie of original and actual colors. Typically, this is a special fabric (silk), rich decor (embroidery, Swarovski), special tailoring. There are collections, of which the favorite kits comes to the wardrobe .
  • No underwire.
  • The product has a high rise or high waist. It is sits at the level of the navel or waist.
  • The rise on the level of pelvic bone's protruding partl. The best version, if you do not like too underestimative waist.
  • Tights without the compressive shorts.
  • Thing is completely monochromatic, allows the adging by narrow (up to 5 mm) strip of another color.
  • The fabric has the picture of all kind: pattern, print, application of rhinestones , embossed lettering, etc.

Goods Bas Bleu
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